Surgent's A&A Year in Review: Exploring the Latest Issues and Challenges Facing CPAs (AAYR)

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With so much going on in the Accounting, Compilations and Review, and Auditing arena lately, it's easy to have missed some of the more important issues and challenges facing the profession today and into the near future. This course, designed for accounting and auditing practitioners at all levels in both public accounting and business and industry, will provide you with a year in review look at some of the more important issues and challenges facing CPAs. We will identify and discuss specific areas within the profession that are likely to affect you and your clients thereby keeping you 'in the know' on these critical topics. Examples and illustrations provide hands-on application to further enhance your understanding of the matters presented.

Designed For

Accounting and auditing practitioners at all levels desiring to remain in the know on current accounting and auditing hot topics and standard setters activities

Course Objectives

* Identify current accounting and auditing 'hot topics' affecting the profession * Understand the new SSARS No. 21 relating to the preparation of financial statements and new guidance on compilations and reviews * Review the latest issues and challenges facing today's practicing CPAs * Apply a hands-on approach using examples and illustrations in understanding how to deal with current and upcoming changes * Be aware of the direction standard setters are taking critical accounting and auditing matters

Major Subjects

* 'Little GAAP' * New U.S. Accounting Principles * IFRS Convergence * Revenue Recognition * Leases * FRF for SMEsTM * The AICPA's New Code of Professional Conduct * COSO's Updated Internal Control-Integrated Framework * SSARS No. 21: Clarification and Recodification * Auditing Matters on the Radar


Experience in accounting and auditing


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