MSCPA Conference Pricing – A Note from Amy Pitter 


A couple of folks have asked why we have not adjusted our CPE pricing as we went to an all virtual format. In the interest of transparency, and since this is a membership organization, I would like to provide you with a complete response to that concern.

Providing you with the same quality CPE that you have come to expect from us is crucial to the MSCPA during these difficult times. The value of our learning opportunities has remained the same, with additional ways for you to network and grow, without the added expenses of travel, lodging and entertainment. The speakers and agendas we have created with your help continue to be top notch, and we remain committed to providing you with the best experiences for your registration. While we cannot meet in person, we are making up for it in quality, new experiences and innovative ways to connect. We believe that our members are still getting value for their dollar.

With that said, I want to assure you that although we are saving money on hotel and meal costs, we are not getting a windfall by holding our prices steady. In addition to the added costs of the virtual platforms, any savings we have made from hotel costs have been almost exactly offset by loss of sponsorships. Our sponsors are typically looking for the face-to-face time with our members, and they are simply not providing sponsorships at close to the same level. This has made the sponsors who are continuing to work with us more valuable than ever before. We are so grateful for the many relationships we have been able to grow with sponsors during this time.

I have also seen that with the extended due dates, the onslaught of work our members faced over the spring and summer and the reality that virtual is not for everyone, our registration numbers have been affected, which only further limits our ability to curb pricing. We are trying to offset whatever loss of value our members feel by not being able to enjoy the traditional face-to-face experience with free CPE opportunities, new virtual conference experiences, expanded roundtable offerings and a new free webinar program that will continue into 2021.

One thing that remains certain throughout these times: Your feedback is greatly appreciated and crucial to the success of the Society. We hear you, and we are doing our best to provide you with the most valuable membership experience possible.

As always, thank you for your membership and for your support of the profession.


Amy Pitter
President & CEO, Massachusetts Society of CPAs

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