Form CA-6 Discontinued


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Form CA-6 Discontinued

DOR has changed the way it processes abatements and amended returns. As a result, Form CA-6 will no longer be accepted. Using the discontinued form will delay your request.

New process for abatements and amendments      
Beginning immediately, please use Form ABT to dispute penalties or audit assessments. Form ABT cannot be used to file an amendment. If you're amending a tax return, simply file a new return.

As of December 5, MassTaxConnect will be available for more taxpayers


The convenient electronic process being used now by businesses will be available for additional tax types including personal income, estate, and fiduciary. To file an abatement, simply file a dispute through MassTaxConnect. Filing online will speed up the process for you.


You can easily file amended returns on MassTaxConnect**. Simply choose amend and submit the revised return. A paper amended return should be mailed to the same address used for original returns.  

**Please note: Personal income taxpayers cannot file original or amended returns through MassTaxConnect.

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