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December 5 is the next major launch for MassTaxConnect
Income, fiduciary and estate taxes are among the 10 tax types to be included in MassTaxConnect. WebFile for Income was closed and most tasks will now be completed using the new system, which also offers additional features. Take advantage of the additional information coming your way like the opportunity to review your clients’ estimated payments and any DOR notices.  

Current bill payments 
Current outstanding bills should be paid by mail using the coupon attached to the bill. Any bill issued after December 5 can be paid through MassTaxConnect.

Extensions automatically granted
Extensions will now automatically be granted for returns filed by individuals, fiduciaries and partnerships, provided at least 80% of the tax due is paid by the original due date. Learn more about the simplified process.  

Bulk file estimated payments through MassTaxConnect
Did you know that you can bulk file fiduciary (2-ES) or personal income (1-ES) estimated tax payments electronically? You will find more information on bulk filing here.


MassTaxConnect Unavailable December 3 and 4 
MassTaxConnect will not be available this weekend to allow for the upgrade necessary to include the 10 additional tax types. The system will be up and ready Monday morning, December 5, at 9:00 a.m.

New January 31 filing deadline for W-2s and some 1099-MISC Forms Employers are required to file Forms W-2 and 1099 with the Department of Revenue – filing federally does not cover the obligation to file with the state. And, with the new federal law changing the deadline for filing Form W-2 and Form 1099-MISC (if reporting nonemployee compensation in Box 7) with the Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service to January 31, beginning in 2017 – DOR will also move the filing date to January 31for 2017. Procedures for filing are the same, only the date has changed. For more information see Annual Wage and Tax Statements.

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