Why Have 3rd Party Access for Your MassTaxConnect Personal Income Tax Clients?


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Why Have 3rd Party Access for Your MassTaxConnect Personal Income Tax Clients?

Getting Started

Check out the How to Request to Manage Another Taxpayer's Account(s) video tutorial under the Tax Practitioners tab to see how the process works. It's easier than you think.
If your client doesn't want to go online, no problem, there's a paper option. From your account you can request access to the client's account and print the authorization form for the client's signature. Include the authorization forms with your annual questionnaire, other mailings or prepare the authorization form for your client to sign during their office visit. When you fax the signed authorization to DOR, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know that access has been granted.  

Your feedback is always appreciated. Let us know at DOR360@dor.state.ma.us how the process worked for you and make any suggestions for improving it. If you have not set up third party access, what modifications would change your mind? 

Closing an Account Will Wrap Things Up for a Business 

Opening an account with DOR is part of the regular course of events for a new business. Closing an account should be standard practice as well. It signals to DOR that the business will no longer be filing returns and making payments and that standard communications should end. It's a good way to avoid Failure to File notices. It's easy to do, check out the video tutorial on how to close an account through MassTaxConnect.

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