Take Control of Your MassTaxConnect Account – Don’t Get Locked Out


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Take control of your MassTaxConnect account – don’t get locked out
It happens. We forget passwords. If MassTaxConnect users take a couple of minutes to answer a security question it will guarantee that they can reset their own password without asking for help in the future.

Done. It’s easy and well worth a couple of minutes. 

Include all schedules that were filed with the original return when filing an amended return – even if there were no changes to the schedules
It’s important that an amended return be complete when filed to prevent any processing delays. An amended return replaces the original return so all the schedules that were filed with the original return should accompany the amended return – regardless of whether there were any changes to those schedules.
File an amended return to increase or decrease tax, report a federal change, correct a credit amount (like withholding) or dispute a health care penalty. 

Upgrade to MassTaxConnect coming this summer

A MassTaxConnect upgrade is scheduled for mid-July. The upgrade involves a mini-facelift to streamline pages and make the system even more user-friendly. The upgrade does not change any of the processes. It will be easier to navigate and there will be options for mobile devices. Stay tuned – information about the upgrade on the way soon to registered MassTaxConnect users.

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