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Purpose: Friends of the Mendell (FOTM) is a 501c3. Friends of the Mendell, Non-Profit Corporation, will support The Mendell Elementary School’s curricular and cultural interests with special interest given to maintaining their successful inclusion education model. Said corporation will raise money to augment the school’s budget, work to build the culture at the Ellis Mendell Elementary School to ensure family engagement, and carry on any other charitable work. Board: Julie Bott (President), Ray Santos (Treasurer), Hayley Smith (Secretary), Susan Field (Clerk); We are in the process of searching for a 5th member to represent the community of Egleston Square/Roxbury/Jamaica Plain on our board. The board members serve 2 year terms. Why: Our Parent Council has seen exponential fundraising growth over the last five years-tripling the amount of money we raise. As we are dealing in increasingly large amounts of cash, it has become necessary to deal with that cash in a much more formal manner. The 501c3 protects our Parent Council and its officers by providing a both a legal place to hold our funds and a formal way to report on them. Additionally, the 501c3 status grants us increased autonomy and possibility in grant-writing. We will no longer be required to use the general BPS 50c3 (BEDF) and can therefore apply for more grants and obtain the funds from those we win more quickly. Plans: In our first year we are working very closely with the Parent Council officers to establish protocol around bank accounts, transferring and handling money and to support them in our already established fundraisers. In addition to filing the proper paperwork with the proper agencies, our goals include establishing a website, a database of donors and an online presence via the Mendell’s up and running internet and social media sites.

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Madeline Gillespie

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164 School Street
Roxbury , Massachusetts

Posted on October 12, 2017

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