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Contact Zach Donah, Director of Government Affairs, at with questions about Massachusetts' laws, agency rules or other legislative or regulatory issues.

The MSCPA’s Government Affairs team strives to protect your certificate license to practice accounting, and to promote an economy in Massachusetts where the profession and business will prosper.

Simply stated, what our team does legislatively affects your practice and livelihood as a CPA in the Commonwealth. The MSCPA is at the forefront fighting for the interests of the profession and making sure the integrity of license is protected.

Our Successes

For nearly three decades, the MSCPA has proved time and again that there is indeed strength in numbers.  Beginning with the successful creation of a statute of limitations on CPA liability and the defeat of a proposed sales tax on services in the early 1990s, the MSCPA has mobilized Massachusetts CPAs to defend the profession’s interests at the State House.

The MSCPA also secured tort reform legislation to protect CPAs from malicious prosecution, and successfully defended those reforms when challenged.  We were instrumental in securing the passage of innovative mobility legislation that has revolutionized the practice of public accountancy, and we provided critical assistance in shaping the Commonwealth’s data security laws.

More recently, we fought for and won a licensing exemption for CPAs in a bill designed to regulate debt management providers and led the charge for the repeal of the so-called “Tech Tax”.  Together with a coalition of Massachusetts businesses we made progress toward reforming the burdensome independent contractor law.

Over the last year, we successfully rallied against a bill to allow increased access to tax return information and help shape bills to address pay equity, non-compete legislation and more. We worked with the Board of Public Accountancy to institute meaningful changes to the rules and regulations, making the profession more accessible and compliant with current business and educational practices.

Advocacy Activity

The Massachusetts Legislature finished the two-year session on July 31, 2016. This session was challenged by vastly different philosophies governing the two houses, but lawmakers reached agreements on some key pieces of legislation. The MSCPA served as your advocate, both as accounting professionals and employers, on the following topics:

  • Non-CPA leadership;
  • Pay equity;
  • Economic development;
  • Non-compete agreements; and
  • Family and medical paid leave.

We are committed to resolving the Commonwealth’s restrictive Independent Contractor Law and advocating against any effort to provide confidential taxpayer information to additional state agencies through coalitions of peer business groups.

For more on the Legislature’s decisions, visit the Advocacy Action Center by clicking on the advocacy tab above.

The Legislature will reconvene in January, and we will keep you posted on developments as they happen.

To learn more about the MSCPA legislative efforts, contact Zach Donah at 617.303.2411 or

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